Earl of East believes in the power of enjoying a little rest and relaxation. Here, the team shares an evening ritual to set you up for a good night’s rest.

Studies show you should allow your body to wind down for at least 1 hour before going to bed, that includes avoiding heavy meals and exercise. Slowing a busy mind before it hits a pillow will help guarantee a good night’s rest. So plan your bedtime ritual and learn to love it.

If you are worried about extinguishing a flame before falling asleep, try using an electronic diffuser with a calming essential oil blend such as Shinrin-Yoku to fill a space with a calming energy. Or, try our Sleep Mist, Nerumae, literally meaning “to lie down and go to sleep”. Try spraying it on your pillow or fill your room in the evening. The blend of Mandarin, Lavender, Geranium and Frankincense will bring you a wonderful state of calm before bed evoking a snoozy mood.

For most people, our social calendar at the moment is actually quite empty. Take advantage of this by setting a regular bed time. Regulating your sleep schedule is great for your bodies Circadian rhythm, your internal body clock. Keeping this running on time will have a direct effect on your energy levels during the day. So try setting an alarm for bed time as well as waking up.

Journalling or writing out the many questions and thoughts filling our heads at the moment is a good way to release them before bed. It also helps lift a mood, ending the day on a positive note. Writer’s block? Try answering these:

What is something important I learned today?
Right now I am grateful for…
Tomorrow I intend to feel…

Blue light emitted from things such as your phone and laptop stimulates the brain and resets your natural body clock by delaying the release of the sleepy hormone melatonin. So as tempting as it is to Netflix and Chill…try switching this off 1 hour before bed and if you have to check your phone, change the setting to night mode where it will emit a warmer orange light.

As well as the stimulation of light, technology should really not be a part of a bed time ritual. We would advise against “the scroll” but would suggest a soothing playlist instead. And what to do instead of Netflix? Reading will send you to sleep naturally rather than keeping you awake being unnecessarily stimulated. 

Do you have a nightly skin or beauty routine? It doesn’t have to be complicated, however having one is a wonderful self care ritual. Additionally, a mindful physical activity such as a facial can help bring your awareness away from a busy mind and ground energy in your body.

We hope you’re enjoying the unique content our partners are sharing with you at this challenging time. At a time when it’s difficult to come together, we invite you to join us in supporting the vital work Mind Islington are doing to help the most vulnerable in the wider community. 

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