October 5 18:00 – 20:00
October 7 18:00 – 20:00
About the JIJI x KI NO BI, London Craft Week 2021

Discover the finest of Japan at the newly-opened JIJI, an eclectic, homely restaurant in the heart of Islington. Chefs Bubker Belkhit and Jeremy Borrow have curated three courses of unique Japanese dishes to pair with cocktails crafted with KI NO BI, the Kyoto-based gin meticulously distilled with Japanese botanicals.

Ki No Bi translates as ‘The Beauty of the Seasons’, and all their gins are designed with harmony in mind. It’s made and bottled at the Kyoto Distillery, Japan’s first dedicated gin distillery producing the first craft gin to be made in the city, once the capital of Japan. Located in Minami-Ku, it’s close to the sake brewing Fushimi region, whose famed water – valued for use in unparalleled sake brewing – supplies the distillery. The gin is a small-batch, artisanal gin that uses high-quality rice spirit and 11 botanicals including juniper berry, orris, hinoki, yuzu, lemon, green tea, ginger, red shiso leaves, bamboo leaves, sansho pepper and kinome.

You’ve never seen anything like JIJI before, blending Japanese elegance with Middle Eastern creativity for a completely unique explosion of colour, aromas, flavours and memories. The restaurant itself is reminiscent of a home kitchen, with an open robata grill, eclectic artwork and photo-worthy moments found at every corner. The restaurant has been created by Janina Wolkow, restaurateur and founder of multi-award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant Sumosan, which boasts outposts all over the world.

Together, JIJI and KI NO BI are hosting an unforgettable evening. KI NO BI is providing a gin tasting of some of its most interesting and delightful flavours, while JIJI serves up unique and inspiring Japanese dishes to complement the gins.