Please check individual events for opening times and dates.
October 4 08:00 – 23:00
October 5 08:00 – 23:00
October 6 08:00 – 23:00
October 7 08:00 – 23:00
October 8 08:00 – 23:00
October 9 08:00 – 23:00
October 9 08:00 – 23:00
About the London Craft Week

From the 4th – 10th October, London Craft Week (LCW) returns for its seventh edition with a curated programme of events across the capital, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship from emerging and celebrated makers.

LCW tells the stories behind some of the world’s most beautiful objects. It brings visitors together through workshops, immersive experiences, pop-up stores and unique exhibitions with extraordinary craftsmanship, independent makers and leading luxury brands. LCW champions the art of making, from contemporary practices to heritage crafts and endangered skills.

This year’s festival will span the fields of craft, art, design, fashion, luxury, food and beauty. It will illuminate the creativity that took place during the pandemic and showcase the best of British craftsmanship, as well as collectable art pieces, innovative sustainable practices, exclusive new launches and special presentations of master makers from around the world.

Explore Islington Square during London Craft Week this year. 3rd-10th October.

5 – 7 Oct, 6 – 8pm

Discover the finest of Japan at the newly-opened JIJI, an eclectic, homely restaurant in the heart of Islington. Chefs Bubker Belkhit and Jeremy Borrow have curated three courses of unique Japanese dishes to pair with cocktails crafted with KI NO BI, the Kyoto-based gin meticulously distilled with Japanese botanicals.

6th – 7th Oct, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Join Borough Kitchen at their cook school for an introduction to the craftsmanship of European and Japanese knives, with an emphasis on Blenheim Forge’s unique range, entirely made in Peckham. Participants gain a practical understanding of how to use different types of knives (correctly) by making a citrus salad.

Coffee and cocktail making are skills in their own right. Join Borough Kitchen for a masterclass in pulling the perfect espresso at home, and then using that to make an espresso martini – the iconic cocktail not many people know originated right here in London.

7th Oct , 6 – 7pm

In this hour-long workshop hosted by anatomē’s in-house nutritionist and wellness expert Winder Ton Msc, participants discover how essential oils can promote rejuvenating, restorative sleep.

Demonstration / Open-House / Exhibition
5th – 9th Oct, 10am – 6pm daily

Meet Alexander Yetman and view his newly launched SS21 menswear collection alongside a selection of bespoke womenswear. Learn about the skills and techniques used in his couture, with demonstrations throughout the week.

5th – 10th Oct, 10am – 6pm daily

The Kasama Potters project brings together 34 Japanese ceramicists from Kasama. With their unique creative vision, Kasama’s ceramicists embrace an array of techniques and styles. London Craft Week marks the largest showcase of Kasama ware outside Japan to date. Discover the history of Kasama ware and the region’s ceramic techniques.

Exhibition / Demonstrations
4th – 10th Oct, 10am – 6pm daily

Innovative pop-up solution Residency plays home to 14 talented makers showcasing a plethora of crafts. Featuring a vibrant curation from Future Icons, as well as handmade wallpaper and prints by Nat Maks, all of the makers present daily live demonstrations in celebration of the process of craft.

Open House / Demonstrations
4th – 10th Oct, 10am – 7.30pm daily

Celtheath showcases the superb artistry that comes out of its Derbyshire workshop. Experienced furniture craftsman and upholsterer Stuart Haywood joins his Celtheath team for a week-long live construction and upholstery demonstration. Stuart has worked with Celtheath for over 15 years, product developing, patterning, hand cutting, pleating, piping and upholstering characterful furniture.

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