About the Marilia Chamon: Gutfulness Nutritional Therapy

Marilia Chamon is a London-based Nutritional Therapist specialising in gut health and IBS among other health conditions. Marilia helps her clients get to the root cause of symptoms and restore their health and well-being through a personalised nutritional plan that includes dietary, supplement and lifestyle advice.

Nutritional Therapy can help with a wide range of symptoms from digestive and gut problems to hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, skin problems, blood sugar imbalances, stress and anxiety and much more. Marilia applies the principles of Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition in her practice, aiming to identify the core imbalances and dysfunctions that underlie or cause a specific health condition. Marilia’s starting point is to look beyond your physical symptoms and unravel the root cause of why you are experiencing them

Ahead of meeting Marilia will ask you to fill out a detailed health history and symptoms questionnaire, providing all aspects of your diet and lifestyle as well psychological, biological and ancestral factors.  This advance information will support Marilia in understanding your individual condition, how you arrived at it and which of the body’s system is in need of support.

To contact Marilia and have an initial consultation, please see details below:

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All consultations and sessions will be conducted with Marilia on Zoom until further notice.

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