Family Sessions
24  November 11:00am – 12:00pm
About the Sunday Sessions with Maggie & Rose

Maggie & Rose are the ultimate family destination and are opening their epic Family Members’ Club and Nursery in Islington Square. Expect awesome arts and crafts, super-duper reading and imagination-boosting interactive activities for little ones and grown-ups at their Sunday sessions. The team from the Maggie & Rose Cafe will be on hand providing coffee from Climpson & Sons, essential for those Sunday session early starts.  

Our Sunday Sessions are designed for the whole family and we kindly ask grown-ups to stay, play and enjoy the activities with the little ones.

Sessions are all free from Laurie Avon and is available from the Eventbrite website.

Sunday 24th November:

At the Maggie & Rose Sunday session, let little ones get learning through play. In this special Sunday slot, look out for music, art and make believe Maggie & Rose style, with a festive twist!

11:00-12:00 — GET YOUR TICKETS

Tickets & Cost: Workshops will be free of charge – available on Eventbrite – first come first served.

Instagram: @maggieandrose 

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