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About the The Gift Shop: A Festive Store by LDC 

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate than with Lone Design Club’s gift store providing you with go-to goodies for the holidays. LDC focuses on shopping consciously, products where you know the quality, who it was made by and the story behind it. Exclusively at Islington Square.

Ashtiani is designed with an urban cool girl in mind; one who is confident and sophisticated and able to reflect her personality through her fresh, unique style. Ashtiani’s work can best be described as a modernistic and clean-cut take on feminine and futuristic designs combined with classic sport-luxe influences to create modern and playful looks. Ashtiani’s signature use of colour is expertly utilised each season and featured in her iconic Papillon Jackets, these delicate silk organza jackets are made in small quantities with the best quality and attention to details.

The brand offers luxury, ethical and timeless fashion accessories inspired by nature that respond to environmental issues using eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fabrics. Through its creations, Bentivoglio Paris wants to encourage consumers to consume differently and give new meaning to fashion.

Yoroshiku (reads: Yo ro shi ku) 4649 is a polite way to say “Nice to meet you” in Japanese. Yoroshiku 4649 is an independent brand based in London, making classic streetwear with a hint of Japanese playfulness. Yoroshiku 4649 spreads love ethically by working with local manufacturers and creatives (photographer, musicians, magazines, event organisers etc) to support and be part of the community.

Barbara Majder is a painter and the creative director of Majder. All t-shirts and sweatshirts are hand-painted by her and no piece is the same. Each collection is provocative, intriguing and extraordinary, combined with an abstract and modern style.

Kannava partners with female refugees to create beautiful ethical fashion based on traditional embroidery techniques.

Emma Harris is a luxury lingerie atelier. All goods are hand-cut & hand made, using beautiful silks and lace. The brand’s philosophy is to produce ‘lingerie to cherish’.

Senscommon is a minimalist lifestyle apparel label enabling enhanced everyday living through innovative textiles and utilitarian design. They craft future archetypes in close collaboration with sustainably forward-thinking partners. Senscommon is aimed at go-getting-hard-working- optimistic types, that won’t take no for an answer, who are always on the go and live life with an almost doomsday optimism.  

Every item from concept through completion and packaging aims to bring something new and exciting to the streetwear fashion world. The designs are brave and honest, ODW only work with high-quality materials – items are produced in limited editions. Unapologetic. Provocative and engaging. Minimalistic design for fearless fashion lovers.

Big Horn is Hong Kong’s first brand for creative design eyewear. The designs are stylish, confident and comfortable with traditional craftsmanship and simple design that combines fashion and practicality.

MWYW – Make What You Will is a bags and accessories brand of contrasts, born out of a long-standing heritage in bag design and manufacture. Their collaboration between a British atelier and a Japanese designer brings a vibrant style crossing over the world.

Ethical fine jewellery handcrafted from recycled precious metals by the designer in her London home studio. A Metal Story aims to make fine jewellery accessible to the woman of today while being conscious
of the environment and kind to the Earth.

Alison Fern Jewellery is a brand synonymous with thoughtful designs crafted carefully by hand. You can expect limited edition and one of a kind designs; affordable jewellery with a touch of luxe for women with spirit. Always well made and well priced, aiming to be within the new wave of attainable luxury for the everyday. The brand has a commitment to quality and sustainability. Each design is produced in small batches and often made to order to minimise waste.

True The Argan Company crafts and delivers the highest quality Argan oil available on the market while empowering women’s entrepreneurship and highlighting positive human practices.

Spritz Wellness embodies a balanced lifestyle of wellness, yoga, exercise and living with purpose. The use of aromatherapy, be it through an atmosphere mist or a scented eye pillow or mask, is just one way to be grounded and find calm in a very busy world. The Spritz Wellness brand embodies timeless style, passion and quality.

Korea is leading in skincare innovation with the trendiest beauty staples that we know and love today such as sheet masks, cushion foundations, BB creams and the 10-step skincare routine. MiiN Cosmetics is proud to have introduced and inspired the European market to try, shop, and fall in love with Korean cosmetics since 2014. All brands are 100% Korean – cruelty-free and mostly natural and vegan – blending the latest technology and natural ingredients for outstanding results.

Beautifully made stylish statement pieces that will not go out of fashion and are perfect for taking working women from day to night – or desk to cocktails! Easy, carefree outfits suitable for any occasion, taking the stress out of seasonal dressing. At Bianca Elgar, all designs are created with these three maxims in mind: heirloom quality, versatility and sustainability.

Kludee London was founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Aga and Klaudia. The collections focus on timeless designs with a modern finish and innovative detailing. They combine bright colours, different textures, and materials while striving for sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. All the materials and elements are personally picked and sourced ethically from Europe, crafted by family-owned manufacturers in Poland supporting traditional footwear makers.

Timeless designs and garments that can be cherished for years to come, reinterpreted and restyled, to express the individuality and uniqueness of the wearer. Dina Udupa products showcase a more subtle design aesthetic, whilst at its heart; embodying the spirit and culture of India.

Born out of an ambition to push boundaries in sustainable fashion, their collections are not just handmade locally using sustainable fabrics, but they also weave more meaning into the prints by illustrating particular environmental issues.

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