1st and 3rd Sunday of every month
January 611am – 7pm
January 2010am – 7pm
February 310am – 7pm
February 1710am – 7pm
March 310am – 7pm
March 1710am – 7pm
April 1410am – 7pm
April 2110am – 7pm
May 510am – 7pm
May 1910am – 7pm
June 210am – 7pm
June 1610am – 7pm
July 1010am – 7pm
July 2110am – 7pm
August 410am – 7pm
August 1810am – 7pm
September 110am – 7pm
September 1510am – 7pm
October 610am – 7pm
October 2010am – 7pm
November 310am – 7pm
November 1710am – 7pm
December 110am – 7pm
December 1512am – 7pm
About the Weekend Theatre Performance

Our bi-weekly botanical extravaganza returns this Sunday with 23 stalls trading plants, flowers, planting tools, terracotta pots and everything you need to impress friends and family both at home and out in the garden.

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