Opening Friday 2nd July.
Website jijirestaurants.com
Instagram @jijirestaurant
About Jiji

Jiji showcases the finest Japanese Middle-Eastern dishes and ingredients and was created by Janina Wolkow, restaurateur and founder of multi-award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant Sumosan, which boasts outposts all over the world.

Inspired by frequent travels to the Middle-East – Janina has created dishes showcasing her two favourite cuisines, demonstrating how they can complement each other perfectly. Highlights from the menu include: roast cauliflower with jalapeno sauce, ‘perfect egg’ with truffle polenta, flamed aubergine with tahini jalapeno and a selection of freshly prepared sushi dishes such as blow torched scallop nigiri with creme fraiche & ikura, and sweet prawn & crispy quinoa sushi roll.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated with eclectic artworks and also boasts a corner selling homemade sauces, selected condiments and books, providing a convivial and welcoming space where you can feel right at home.

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