With other people’s stockpiling making your weekly shop an endurance event, focus your attention on these ingredients recommended by Third Space nutritionists.  You’ll bank maximum nutrition for your buck.

Eating healthily is important for supporting your mood, mental wellbeing and overall immune function.  To help get your kitchen prepared, one of our Third Space nutritionists has compiled a round-up of kitchen staples to have on repeat in order to stay healthy.

Canned or dried beans & pulses
Long-lasting, a source of plant-based protein and a great way to incorporate more prebiotics into your diet. Puy or green lentils, haricot or borlotti beans and chickpeas are all great additions to warm salads, curries, soups and stews.

Tinned tuna, mackerel, sardines & salmon
All rich in omega-3, which not only supports brain function but normal immune function too.

Tinned tomatoes
Great addition to sauces, soups, curries and chilli. They are also a source of vitamins C (which supports immune function) as well as containing vitamins A, E, some B vitamins and vitamin K.

Tinned fruit
Tinned fruit is another way of ensuring you get a wide variety of micronutrients into your diet providing a source of vitamins, mineral and dietary fibre. Opt for those in fruit juice rather than syrup to avoid added sugars.

Chicken, turkey, tofu
Have a really versatile protein source that you can get creative with on standby. Proteins are the building blocks of all cells, so are important for preventing muscle loss if you’re no longer hitting your move goal, as well as fueling growth and repair if you’re focusing on a new home workout plan.

Carrots, beetroot & parsnips
Try to get as much colour on your plate as possible – the natural compounds that give fruit and veg their colour (phytochemicals) may be beneficial as many of these are antioxidants. 

Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, quark
Another source of protein, these handy ingredients can make a great addition to sauces to make them go that little bit further.

Not only are eggs super versatile, they are also loaded with high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats.

Dark green leafy veg
Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli and cavolo nero provide a powerhouse of many vitamins (A, C, K and folate) and minerals (iron and calcium) and are also great sources of fibre. Bear in mind your body will need some dietary fat to absorb some of these vitamins (A & K) so combine with a healthy fat source. Tearing them into an omelette is a good place to start.

Frozen fruit & vegetables
Frozen vegetables often contain as many if not more nutrients than fresh vegetables as the nutrients are locked in when they’re frozen. They require no preparation and they can be added to a whole host of recipes.

Frozen fish
Whether you purchase fish fresh to freeze or buy ready frozen, these are great options for a long-lasting source of protein.

In addition to purchasing items for your freezer, make use of the ingredients you already have and batch cook meals to freeze, such as soups, stews, chilli and curries. This will not only save you time but also eliminate food waste and prevent you from joining the masses in shopping queues.

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